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Digital Mpower offers a full range of digital marketing services. We combine an innovative approach, creative thinking and a full understanding of today’s fast-moving tech world to market a range of services to the online world.


We use all available digital marketing tools including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay per click), and Social Media, as well as email marketing and responsive web design services to grow your brand and build your business.


Boost more than just your rankings with our proven Search Engine Optimization tactics. Your bottom line will also reap the benefits.

Web design

Web design and develop responsive websites that look stunning and generate substantial results for our clients.

Digital Advertising

Reach a broader audience with our targeted advertising services, through platforms like Google Adwords, Bing Ads and social media.

Email Marketing

Increase the lifetime value of your customers, and pull new leads deeper into your sales funnel with our email marketing services.

Social Media

We'll align your social media efforts with your overall business goals, engage your customers and amplify the conversation about your brand.

Content Marketing

We produce share-worthy content, using advanced strategies and honest-to-goodness creative talent.


We help our clients achieve better conversions and greater results from your existing user base through Conversion Rate Optimization.


Monitor, report and analyze the performance of your online campaigns. Gain valuable insight to make informed decisions moving forward.

About us

At Digital Mpower we currently provide digital solutions for medium to big brands. Our solutions combine content marketing, social media (community managers), SharePoint Website development, enterprise mobile applications to enrich our clients campaigns.

The web is instant and evolving constantly. Our team is continuously monitoring and engaging in real time. While continuously measuring our performance and implementing efficiency to drive results.

Marketing has changed. As digital extends into all areas of our lives, every tweet, every status update and video has become a potential customer touchpoint.

While this gives advertisers some great opportunities, it also means customers expect more. Audiences today want services and content that meet their needs, wherever they are, whatever they're doing.

At Digital Mpower, we're not just specialists in different types of digital marketing - we also know how to bring it together. By putting the customer at the centre, we create simple, effective strategies that connect with people across every channel - and grow business in ways they can measure.

We get real results by doing things the right way. That means putting quality first, taking ownership of our actions, communicating openly and treating people well in everything we do.

User Experiances


Web Design






Our Goal

Our goal, simply put is to drive client business while creating and inspiring leaders in the process. We get a ‘kick’ out of seeing results and being in the background. We aren’t like most traditional agency’s. We are result and quality service driven. Continued focus on developing winning results that drive our clients business and to nurture leaders for the future in the digital world. In turn, both our clients and our organization succeed.

Our rapid growth is attributed to our ability to provide small to medium enterprises with ‘one-stop’, online marketing campaigns based on custom-built, responsive websites and incorporating secure high speed hosting, social media and search engine marketing.

What We Do

Many small businesses ignore their brand and focus on their service, but by creating a strong brand you leave a stronger, more memorable impression on your customers. It makes it easier to market your business, and ensures that all your digital marketing is consistent and targeted at the correct target audience.

Brand Identity

Plain or boring websites and logos are negatively impacting companies ‘vibe’ towards new age customers. Most of these potential customers do their shopping online and are constantly browsing the web.A business needs are three impactful credentials: brand credibility, brand recognition and accessibility to customers. A strong digital presence can create all three of these and allow customers to promote your brand within their networks.



We take your whole bag of tricks – your key messages, your core values and your online and offline brand and find ways to seamlessly merge those assets into loyal, actionable consumer behaviour. We analyse and research, measure metrics, perform technical audits, glean competitive intelligence, design and execute flawlessly.


Display Advertising

As one of the most powerful vehicles for generating brand and product awareness online, No matter the format, our creativity and reach of billions of global monthly impressions will put you in the spotlight and create optimal engagement opportunities for your customers. And we’re connected not only in a ‘help me bury a body’ kind of way, but we’ve got networks in high places.


Search Marketing

Our search marketing team will drive traffic right to your door, helping your potential customers navigate through the maze of online clutter with strategic ad campaigns to achieve your marketing goals. We’ll analyze consumer behaviour, monitor your accounts, as well as modulate bids and positions. We'll keep such a close eye on you - Right next to the cat.


Mobile Marketing

Consumers still see where they’re going as they walk and text, wiith one third of the planet owning mobile devices. And not just winking more than any actual human ever truly winks.They’re making very real consumer decisions instantaneously, multiple times a day. Our mobile search advertising campaigns are guaranteed to form instantaneous connections with your customers, and translate into measurable success.


Video Marketing

It is no secret that online video advertising is one of the fastest growing advertising formats in the world. Many companies have rushed out to produce their own suite of videos but few know how to leverage them to generate an ROI. Facebook, YouTube and Google offer marketers the flexibility of using a commercial, or video developed specifically for the web. Instead of your video being tucked away in a corner of your website, we make sure we get your video in front of your target.

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